Calgary Home Staging

As an experienced home stager, I have helped Calgary realtors and homeowners sell their homes faster and for more by creating spaces that tap into the emotional buying power of clients. I provide affordable occupied home staging services and work to the very last detail to ensure a successful listing. I specialize in Occupied Staging, which uses the homeowner's furniture and decor to their best advantage, with enhancements from my inventory to showcase the property.

Written reports & consultations

I will spend 3-4 hours with you walking through and reviewing your entire home.  I will provide you with a report and checklist that will outline detailed and complete suggestions for all rooms that need work and a checklist for showings and open houses.  Cost: 300.

Occupied home staging

  • I redecorate (move furniture, hang pictures, etc.) every room in the house for real estate pictures and showings.
  • I will provide any supplemental decor accessories that may be required. I have an inventory of pictures, towels and other accessories that optimize the style and atmosphere of different rooms in the house.
  • I attend the photography session of your home. I like to make sure that I can tweak and readjust on the fly when the photographer is taking pictures. Sometimes they take pictures from unexpected angles, so I make sure the rooms look good when that happens.
  • My rate includes the cost of my inventory for the duration of your listing. Instead of charging a monthly rental fee for my inventory, I build inventory pricing into my rate. I find this makes staging that's easier to manage and more affordable because it's predictable.
  •  This service ranges from 1000-3000.

Contact me or call me at 403-399-3666 for prices and estimates.

Home Decorating & Design

Moving into a new space? Or just want to refresh your existing space? With a background in residential staging and Feng Shui, I am passionate about working with you to understand your needs so that we can create the perfect space for you, no matter what your budget is. Consultations start at 500.

  • Room layout to finishing touches

  • Professional shopping or just re-arranging your favourite possessions

  • Consultations and recommendations

Contact me or call me at 403-399-3666 to chat about your space any time!

Feng Shui

Feng Shui is the ancient Chinese art of harmonizing your relationship to your environment. Using the placement of furniture, décor, colours and intention, we can create movement in your life and remove any energetic blocks. I'm a Certified Red Ribbon Professional. Consultations start at 350.

Contact me or call me at 403-399-3666 to discuss how we can use your space to create the results you want.