I'm an experienced home stager and Red Ribbon Feng Shui professional based in Calgary.

My name is Rachna Joshi and I was born and raised in Calgary.  I've always felt connected to my environment and enjoyed designing spaces that people enjoyed being in. After informally helping people organize and decorate their homes, I became a Certified Feng Shui Specialist in 2005.  I took my design intuition and started applying it to residential real estate in Calgary - helping real estate agents and homeowners sell their homes faster and maximize their selling price. 

I'm reliable, trustworthy and I pride myself on providing affordable services that help my clients realize their goals.

Who I am

I'm an enthusiastic hard worker who loves finding rhyme and reason within the chaos of a bustling environment. You'll find I keep my wits about me when things get fast and furious. My academic, employment and volunteer background allows me to be confident and comfortable in many environments and with a variety of people. I'm passionate about driving towards common goals while working gently with people from all walks of life. At my core, I'm always excited to start my day and apply myself to get the most out of it.

Contact me or call me at 403-399-3666 to discuss your home staging or decorating needs.